Guest Comments & Letters !

Hey Howard and Shelli,

This is Tyler Shields and I just wanted to send a huge thanks your way. For the last three years we have been coming up and each year somehow seems to get better than the rest. I know my grandpa really enjoyed himself and both Dylan, my dad and myself were grateful he made the trip. Thanks for making this year just as good as all the others, while lending a helping hand when my grandpa needed it. Hope to see you next year!! Tyler Shields Susquehanna Class of 2015 Environmental Science Major Chemistry Minor Student Government Association President

Karen and I

could not imagine a better experience than we had at Green Island Lodge last week. The food, the hospitality, scenic setting and, oh yeah, the fishing. My first ever Muskie and a dozen or more of the largest fish Karen has ever caught! Seeing the bear was a big bonus. Shelli and Howard are great hosts and Raymond is guide par excellence! The whole package is first class. We hope to see you again next year. Richard and Karen Gambel Little Rock, Arkansas

Exceeded all of our expectations!!! Bob Brafford May 28, 2013 Fine Camp....a Cadillac compared to all other camps I have been to. Great food, great friendly staff, our best fishing trip ever!

(another member of the Brafford group)

caught a huge muskie with my homemade lure on August 2, 2012. Forty pounds, 49" of pure power! What a thrill! Thanks to Ron Wallos who organized the trip and snapped the shots, and to Warren, the guide-supreme who put us on the spot. Thanks also of course to Shelli and Howard, our terrific hosts, and to Kurt and the entire Green Island Lodge crew for their thoughtfulness and attention to detail. Sue and Warren are real pros, and do their jobs way 'above and beyond', and do so with a great sense of humor. You really are treated like family - oh wait, maybe better - at Green Island. Many thanks!

Tark Milans